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2011-04-16 15:08:35 by delco343

I really wish I was palying Tf2 right now, but life isn;t fair. just got back from a job

Thanks Grandpa

2010-12-30 19:43:24 by delco343

he got me addicted to burn notice... great. anyway had a good xmas like my new tablet


2010-11-24 20:08:10 by delco343

who her likes tuna. I do. I like raw fish im not arfaid to say it. Guns are cool too

ima finally gitin a new comp

2010-10-19 11:31:44 by delco343

december baby december my dad is matchin me 4 3oo =)

Level 65b-och

2010-07-28 23:32:43 by delco343

Wooo! Im level 65 in cod world at war. Im pristegeing for the first time! Wohoo so feel free to share you cod storie in the comments


2010-07-24 13:48:37 by delco343

Ive posted some new art finaly and i plan to do more later. Read the description of the wisest tree for an awesome story.


2010-07-23 21:03:51 by delco343

My cousin has been in town for like 2 weeks and he is soooooo anoying. He has been hogging my ps3 for the past 2 or 3 hours. Uhhh... Playing fracture is bad enough watching it is torture. Wish me luck

well i hate bugs

2010-06-21 10:10:13 by delco343

Team fortress2 was just released on mac a few days ago and now i can almost never find a good harvest or goldrush payload server that isnt full. on a positive note there arnt as many empty or near empty servers....

In other new you can go to the left and check out my website. i have youtube vids and recodmendations for fun sites to game. me and my friend are working on a more elabrite vid coming soon!

well i hate bugs

a good book

2010-06-10 17:48:15 by delco343

the guy who does the ask a ninja podcast made a book. It is called the ninja handbook. I have been reading it over the lasst while and it is the single funniest book i hav eva read in my life. Morbid humor at its best

wow it s been since october

2010-05-31 20:44:46 by delco343

wow i havent posted in a while lol. Well i got a pimpin new dog that is a shitzu ish dog and i also got tf2. so lol GO TF2